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Trevor Tubelle’s “List #1 (Master en-List)”

Trevor Tubelle spent three years collecting dozens of ordinary hand-written lists of every type and size from friends, family and strangers. He then hand-cut and pasted together a 7 inch wide by over 15 ft. long roll of paper to create a “master list” for recording information about each collected list (name of list-maker, date, type of list and catalog number). For the Corporeal Chronologies show he installed the master list on the wall and clustered all the lists around it. Each list is hung with a thumbtack that is coiled with wire and strung to another thumbtack on the master list next to it’s corresponding entry line:


The installation is over 10 feet tall by almost 6 feet wide, with the leftover portion of the master list rolled at the bottom (and awaiting future list submissions).


List1-11 List1-19

List1-21 List1-17

List1-2 List1-18

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